14 principles of management by henri fayol pdf

It was through Fayol’s work as a philosopher of administration that he contributed most widely to the theory and practice of organizational management. He enlightened managers on how to accomplish their managerial duties, and the practices in which they should engage. 14 principles of management by henri fayol pdf outlined his theory of general management, which he believed could be applied to the administration of myriad industries. A bourgeois himself, he believed in controlling workers to achieve greater productivity over all other managerial considerations.

Fayol advocated a flexible approach to management, one he believed could be applied to any circumstance whether in the home, the workplace, or within the state. Taylor’s system of scientific management is the cornerstone of classical theory. Fayol was also a classical theorist, and referred to Taylor in his writing and considered him a visionary and pioneer in the management of organizations. However, Fayol differed from Taylor in his focus. Taylor’s main focus was on the task, whereas Fayol was more concerned with management. Another difference between the two theorists is their treatment of workers.

Fayol appears to have slightly more respect for the worker than Taylor had, as evidenced by Fayol’s proclamation that workers may indeed be motivated by more than just money. Fayol also argued for equity in the treatment of workers. Fayol and Taylor was that Taylor viewed management processes from the bottom up, while Fayol viewed it from the top down. Taylor’s approach differs from the one we have outlined in that he examines the firm from the bottom up.

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