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Provisions often state advantages and disadvantages of media pdf political parties and candidates should have an equitable access to public funds. The legal framework can be drafted in a way as to encourage the founding and sustainability of a multi-party system. CSO watchdog capacity also can improve the monitoring and full disclosure of funding across party lines and in lines and consistent with the intent of full disclosure and fairness in campaign financing.

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Depending on the form in which public resources are made available, public funding is divided into direct public funding or indirect public funding. Public funds are often allocated among political parties and candidates in the national legislature. This may make it more difficult for new political forces to gain representation. The legal framework can limit this negative influence by providing special funds for new political parties or candidates. Instead they should have the possibility to decide if and when they want to donate money to a political party or candidate.

When introduced, public funding is often unpopular among the public. Public resources are scarce and needed for everything from schools and hospitals to roads and salaries for staff. To many people, using public funds to give to political parties and candidates would be far down their list of priorities. This means that the political parties and candidates who will collect the money, also take the decision. If all or a substantial amount of the party income comes directly from the State rather than from voluntary sources, political parties risk losing their independence and become organs of the State, thereby losing their ties to the civil society.

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