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Drawing by Louis Wain entitled ‘Caught! He was the first of six children, and the only male child. None of his five sisters ever married. The remaining sisters lived with all cats have aspergers pdf mother for the duration of their lifetimes, as did Louis for the majority of his life.

As a youth, he was often truant from school, and spent much of his childhood wandering around London. Following this period, Louis studied at the West London School of Art and eventually became a teacher there for a short period. At the age of 20, Wain was left to support his mother and his five sisters after his father’s death. Wain soon quit his teaching position to become a freelance artist, and in this role he achieved substantial success. Through the 1880s, Wain’s work included detailed illustrations of English country houses and estates, along with livestock he was commissioned to draw at agricultural shows. His work at this time includes a wide variety of animals, and he maintained his ability to draw creatures of all kinds throughout his lifetime.

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At one point, he hoped to make a living by drawing dog portraits. Prior to Emily’s death, Wain discovered the subject that would define his career. During her illness, Emily was comforted by their pet cat Peter, a stray black and white kitten they had rescued after hearing him mewing in the rain one night. Emily’s spirits were greatly lifted by Peter, and Louis began to draw extensive sketches of him, which Emily strongly encouraged him to have published.

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