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Light cone in 2D space plus a time dimension. The past light cone behaves like the future light cone in reverse, a circle which contracts in radius at the speed of light until it converges to a point at the exact position and time of the event E. E, the set of events that lie on or inside the past light cone of E would also be the set of all events that could send a signal that would have time all the light that we cannot see pdf reach E and influence it in some way.

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So, any point on or inside the sphere could send a signal moving at the speed of light or slower that would have time to influence the event E, while points outside the sphere at that moment would not be able to have any causal influence on E. E would also be the set of events that could receive a signal sent out from the position and time of E, so the future light cone contains all the events that could potentially be causally influenced by E. Events which lie neither in the past or future light cone of E cannot influence or be influenced by E in relativity. This can be visualized in 3-space if the two horizontal axes are chosen to be spatial dimensions, while the vertical axis is time. The light cone is constructed as follows. This is why the concept is so powerful. The above refers to an event occurring at a specific location and at a specific time.

Likewise, if we imagine running time backwards from a given event, the event’s past light cone would likewise encompass more and more locations at earlier and earlier times. The farther locations will be at later times: for example, if we are considering the past light cone of an event which takes place on Earth today, a star 10,000 light years away would only be inside the past light cone at times 10,000 years or more in the past. Events that are elsewhere from each other are mutually unobservable, and cannot be causally connected. Light cones near a black hole resulting from a collapsing star.

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