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United States on March 31, 2011. It is the series’s first musical episode, and features the cast performing songs previously featured within the program. Various songs are performed by the cast members, as they attempt to save the life of Torres. Rhimes originally idealized the episode at the conception of the drama, while the show remained untitled. The episode opened to mixed reviews from television critics, and it was the second most watched program of the night.

Torres suffers severe injuries, which endanger both her life and the life of her unborn child. She and Robbins are taken to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, the institute at which they both work. Torres’s many injuries include neurological trauma. While barely conscious, she hallucinates an uninjured version of herself standing beside her. The hallucinatory Torres begins to sing, and is gradually joined by the doctors treating her. This singing continues throughout the episode, as Torres’s projection of herself attempts to reach out to Robbins.

Robbins believes that Torres would not risk endangering the baby, but Sloan argues for saving Torres at all costs. As they do so, Torres dreams about the moments preceding the accident. Her dream self sings to Robbins, interspersed with shots of the hospital staff singing and dancing with their own partners. Torres’s condition deteriorates and she is rushed back into surgery, Hunt agrees that Yang should attempt the procedure. When Torres again goes into cardiac arrest, Montgomery delivers her daughter at twenty-three weeks’s gestation.

The baby is initially unable to breathe, so with Sloan’s support, Robbins steps in and is able to revive her. Across the operating room, Torres’s condition begins to improve. Sloan and Robbins bond over their shared parenthood. Later, as Robbins keeps a vigil by Torres’s bedside, the hallucinatory Torres is able to rouse her recovering self.

As she regains consciousness, Torres accepts Robbins’s proposal. She first discussed the idea during filming of the pilot episode, when the program was as yet untitled. Filming began seven and a half years after Rhimes initially raised the idea. The episode was shot in approximately two weeks.

Rhimes said she had difficulty getting the network’s permission. She added: “I begged the studio people. I begged the network people. I took these people to dinner and begged. I jumped out at these people in bathrooms and begged.

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