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American designer, architect and film maker. Along with his wife Ray Kaiser Eames he is responsible for groundbreaking contributions in brother ray ray charles own story pdf field of architecture, furniture design, industrial design, manufacturing and the photographic arts.

After two years of study, he left the university. The university reportedly dropped him because of his “too modern” views. Other sources, less frequently cited, note that while a student, Charles Eames also was employed as an architect at the firm of Trueblood and Graf. The demands on his time from this employment and from his classes led to sleep-deprivation and diminished performance at the university. While at Washington University, he met his first wife, Catherine Woermann, whom he married in 1929. A year later, they had a daughter, Lucia Jenkins. In 1930, Charles began his own architectural practice in St.

Louis with partner Charles Gray. They were later joined by a third partner, Walter Pauley. In order to apply for the Architecture and Urban Planning Program, Eames defined an area of focus—the St. Organic Design in Home Furnishings” competition. Kaiser, who was born in Sacramento, California.

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