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Please forward this error screen to 209. This article discusses utilitarian ethical theory. Humans cannot view pdf it says please wait, or other sentient beings? In 1861, Mill acknowledged in a footnote that, though “believing himself to be the first person who brought the word ‘utilitarian’ into use, he did not invent it.

The fourth century witnessed the emergence of particular concerns for them, including discussions polarizing the concepts of self and private, commonly used in conjunction with profit and associated with fragmentation, division, partiality, and one-sidelines, with that of the state and “public”, represented by the duke and referring to what is official or royal, that is, the ruler himself, associated with unity, wholeness, objectivity, and universality. The later denotes the “universal Way”. However, the Mohists did not focus on emotional happiness, but promoted objective public goods: material wealth, a large population or family, and social order. Mohist consequentialism advocated communitarian moral goods including political stability, population growth, and wealth, but did not support the utilitarian notion of maximizing individual happiness.

Machiavelli was also an exponent of consequentialism. He believed that the actions of a state, however cruel or ruthless they may be, must contribute towards the common good of a society. Utilitarianism as a distinct ethical position only emerged in the eighteenth century. In the same way, moral evil, or vice, is proportionate to the number of people made to suffer. The best action is the one that procures the greatest happiness of the greatest numbers—and the worst is the one that causes the most misery. In the first three editions of the book, Hutcheson included various mathematical algorithms “to compute the Morality of any Actions.

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