Chapter two basic concepts of supply chain management wiley pdf

Facility location decisions play a critical role in the strategic design of supply chain networks. In this paper, a chapter two basic concepts of supply chain management wiley pdf review of facility location models in the context of supply chain management is given.

We identify basic features that such models must capture to support decision-making involved in strategic supply chain planning. In particular, the integration of location decisions with other decisions relevant to the design of a supply chain network is discussed. Furthermore, aspects related to the structure of the supply chain network, including those specific to reverse logistics, are also addressed. Significant contributions to the current state-of-the-art are surveyed taking into account numerous factors. Supply chain performance measures and optimization techniques are also reviewed.

Applications of facility location models to supply chain network design ranging across various industries are presented. Finally, a list of issues requiring further research are highlighted. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Successful SC deployment requires a sound understanding of SC principles. Deployment of SCM creates economic surplus for the SC participants. Economic surplus helps providers to undertake quality improvement.

Healthcare organizations should adopt innovative commercial SC tools. Healthcare SC community needs a new generation of SC to overcome talent shortage. It is reported that healthcare costs in the United States represent a sizeable portion of the gross domestic product and it is expected to increase at a much higher rate than other sectors in the economy. This paper explores strategic areas where healthcare supply chain may enhance efficiency in terms of cost per patient discharge of healthcare operations while improving the quality of care in terms of reducing re-admission rate.

Decision Sciences and ITM at Saint Louis University and is currently serving as director of Center for Supply Chain Management Studies at Saint Louis University. International Journal of Procurement Management. His current research interests include Supply Chain Design, Strategy and Implementation, and Lean Six Sigma in Supply Chain and Logistics. Louis University as a visiting professor. Ancell School of Business at Western Connecticut State University. Long Island University, an MBA from Western Illinois University, and a Ph.

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