Continuous integration in net pdf

The main aim of CI is to prevent integration problems, referred to as “integration hell” in early descriptions of XP. CI is not universally accepted as an improvement over frequent continuous integration in net pdf, so it is important to distinguish between the two as there is disagreement about the virtues of each.

This helps avoid one developer’s work-in-progress breaking another developer’s copy. Nowadays, many organisations have adopted CI without adopting all of XP. This is very similar to the original idea of integrating more frequently to make integration easier, only applied to QA processes. CI by making sure the software checked in on the mainline is always in a state that can be deployed to users and makes the actual deployment process very rapid.

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Not only can the existing code base change, but new code can be added as well as new libraries, and other resources that create dependencies, and potential conflicts. The longer a branch of code remains checked out, the greater the risk of multiple integration conflicts and failures when the developer branch is reintegrated into the main line. When developers submit code to the repository they must first update their code to reflect the changes in the repository since they took their copy. The more changes the repository contains, the more work developers must do before submitting their own changes.

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