Cross collaboration and networking pdf

Forty individuals from the American Red Cross were interviewed to explore the use of social media in communicating with key publics. Results show that practicing public relations through social media is effective and necessary in the emerging digital age, as shown through the Red Cross’ development of a two-way dialogue with younger constituents, the media, and the community. This two-way dialogue has been accomplished primarily through Twitter and Facebook, with barriers such as lack of staff and time, and opportunities to improve National Headquarters and local chapter relations. Cross collaboration and networking pdf insights shared by the American Red Cross are useful for both public relations scholars and professionals to help them understand and apply social media practices to build strong, lasting relationships.

The Red Cross uses social media to build relations with volunteers, community and media. Social media’s two-way dialogue creates faster service, media coverage, and feedback. The Red Cross’ social media exhibits dialogic principles, communality and control mutuality. Barriers to use social media are staff, time, managing content and publics’ abilities. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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