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Hanbali school is the strict traditionalist school of jurisprudence in Sunni Islam. Hanbali literature is in references to saints, grave visitation, miracles, and relics. Hanbali jurists and mystics at the same time. Map of the Muslim world. Like Shafi’i and al-Zahiri, he was deeply concerned with the extreme elasticity being deployed by many jurists of his time, who used their discretion to reinterpret the doctrines of Quran and Hadiths to suit the demands of Caliphs and wealthy. Ibn Hanbal advocated return to literal interpretation of Quran and Hadiths. Shafi’i’s method in usul al-fiqh.

30,000 saying, actions and customs of Muhammad. Ibn Hanbal never composed an actual systematic legal theory on his own, though his followers established a systemic method after his death. The book was only preserved in a summarized form by the Hanbali jurist al-Khiraqi, who had access to written copies of al-Khallal’s book before the siege. The Hanbali school, unlike Hanafi and Maliki schools, rejected that a source of Islamic law can be jurists personal discretionary opinion or consensus of later generation Muslims on matters that serve the interest of Islam and community.

Hanbalis hold that this is impossible and leads to abuse. Hanbalites as valid methods of determining religious law. Qur’an, which is readable and touchable, is created like other creatures and created objects. Ibn Hanbal viewed this as heresy, replying that there are things which are not touchable but are created, such as the Throne of God. Shafi’i opinion is that merely touching a woman will break the wudu, while the Hanafi opinion is that merely touching a woman does not break the wudu. Hanafis, though others state a person has a choice i. While standing up after ruku, a person has a choice to place their hands back to the position as they were before.

Other madh’habs state the hands should be left on their sides. Is considered obligatory by the Madh’hab. Hanbalis pray Two Rak’ats consecutively then perform Tasleem, and then One Rak’at is performed separately. Hands are raised during the Dua. This position is also held by the Zahiri school, though it is opposed by the Hanafi and Maliki schools. The Hanbali school is now accepted as the fourth of the mainstream Sunni schools of law. It has traditionally enjoyed a smaller following than the other schools.

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