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This article is about places of imprisonment in European castles. The proper original meaning of “keep” is still in use for academics, although in popular culture it has been dungeon’s master guide 3.5 pdf misused and come to mean a cell or “oubliette”.

The use of “donjons” evolved over time, sometimes to include prison cells, which could explain why the meaning of “dungeon” in English evolved over time from being a prison within the tallest, most secure tower of the castle into meaning a cell, and by extension, in popular use, an oubliette or even a torture chamber. 1819: “The place was utterly dark—the oubliette, as I suppose, of their accursed convent. English castles originally contained prisons, though they were more common in Scotland. Noble prisoners were not generally held in dungeons, but lived in some comfort in castle apartments. Dungeons, in the plural, have come to be associated with underground complexes of cells and torture chambers. As a result, the number of true dungeons in castles is often exaggerated to interest tourists. Caesar’s Tower, in central England.

The access hatch consists of an iron grille. A “bottle dungeon” is sometimes simply another term for an oubliette. It has a narrow entrance at the top and sometimes the room below is even so narrow that it is impossible to lie down but in other designs the actual cell is larger. The identification of dungeons and rooms used to hold prisoners is not always a straightforward task. England’s border with Scotland, had chambers in their gatehouses which have often been interpreted as oubliettes. However, this has been challenged. Alnwick and Cockermouth provided accommodation it is unlikely that the rooms would have been used to hold prisoners.

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An alternative explanation was proposed, suggesting that these were strong-rooms where valuables were stored. Usually found under medieval castles or abbeys, they were used by villainous characters to persecute blameless characters. Sarah is freed from an oubliette by the dwarf Hoggle, who defines it for her as “a place you put people to forget about ’em! The Administrative Role of Gatehouses in Fourteenth-Century North-Country Castles”, in Airs, M.

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