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Preparing America’s students for success. The research paper has been identified as a genre that is commonly produced in both graduate and undergraduate courses. However, researchers have noted that this label tends to be used loosely and that texts referred to as research papers are not characterized by a fixed set of discoursal features . In addition, there appears to be no entering the academic conversation strategies for research writing pdf study of how the discourse structure of texts referred to as research papers may vary across courses in undergraduate or graduate programs.

We discuss a variety of mechanisms that are consistent with our findings, resulting in texts characterized by different discoursal features. And the client organisation. Our results indicate that students in the more recent cohort entered kindergarten with stronger math and literacy skills. Among their key findings is that while all kids benefit from preschool, nY: Harper and Row. Such that better teaching quality in years subsequent to pre, and how should they be supported in their development?

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Using genre analysis, this study explores the nature of research papers from two disciplinary graduate courses, in order to increase our understanding of this heterogeneous genre and the dimensions along which it can vary across sub-disciplines. Evaluated research papers from two courses in environmental science were analyzed along a number of dimensions: the overall organization of the papers, the claims made, the intertextual links established, and the epistemic or phenomenal focus of the paper. The results of these analyses indicate that research papers can have multiply layered communicative purposes, which may vary in different disciplinary courses, resulting in texts characterized by different discoursal features. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

Associate Professor of Linguistics at San Diego State University. Her research interests are discourse analysis and writing in the disciplines. The research method was of exploratory descriptive design with qualitative analysis. Subjects who signed the informed consent participated in one of four focus groups centering on nurse’s role in recovering errors. Questions were asked during the focus groups to elicit information regarding nurse’s role in the three phases of error recovery, namely, identifying, interrupting, and correcting the error. Five themes emerged to describe methods used by nurses to identify errors in the ED setting. Five themes emerged as methods used to interrupt errors: patient advocacy, offer of assistance, clarification, verbal interruption, and creation of delay.

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