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If you are the account owner, please submit ticket for further information. This article concerns modern standard Chinese. There are free pdf for grammar chinese mandarin different classifiers in the language, and each countable noun generally has a particular classifier associated with it.

Chinese script does not use spaces between words. It is also possible for an object to be moved to a position in front of the verb, for emphasis. In the courtyard is parked a vehicle. Today climb mountain, tomorrow outdoors camp.

Today hike up mountains, tomorrow camp outdoors. The food has been made, i. I gave her six books. This generally denotes an action that results in a change of state in the object. Some verbs can apparently take two direct objects, which may be called an “inner” and an “outer” object. Its use in such cases is optional.

It is never used when the noun has indefinite reference, or when it is qualified by a numeral. However this use of classifiers is optional. Instead, a gap is left in subject or object position, as appropriate. That is, when specifying the amount of a countable noun, a classifier must be inserted, and the classifier has to agree with the noun. In English, some words, as in the cited example of “cattle”, are often paired with a noun used much like the Chinese measure word. The classifiers for many nouns appear arbitrary.

I”, is not widely used. Gradable adjectives can be modified by words meaning “very”, etc. When adjectives co-occur with classifiers, they normally follow the classifier. Adjectives can also be used predicatively. Adverbs and adverbial phrases normally come in a position before the verb, but after the subject of the verb. In sentences with auxiliary verbs, the adverb usually precedes the auxiliary verb as well as the main verb.

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