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Janssen recorded the helium spectral line during the solar eclipse of 1868 while Lockyer observed it from Britain. Lockyer was the first to propose that the line was due to a new element, which he named. United States, which is by far the largest supplier of the gas today. On Earth it is relatively rare—5. He concluded that it was caused by an element in the Sun unknown on Earth. Picture of visible spectrum with superimposed sharp yellow and blue and violet lines. The cleveite sample from which Ramsay first purified helium.

Ramsay’s discovery when he noticed unusual spectral lines while testing a sample of the mineral uraninite. Hillebrand, however, attributed the lines to nitrogen. His letter of congratulations to Ramsay offers an interesting case of discovery and near-discovery in science. He tried to solidify it by further reducing the temperature but failed because helium does not solidify at atmospheric pressure. 1926 by applying additional external pressure. Pickering’s conclusion as to their origin.

Bohr’s theoretical work on the Pickering series had demonstrated the need for “a re-examination of problems that seemed already to have been solved within classical theories” and provided important confirmation for his atomic theory. This enabled the United States to become the world’s leading supplier of helium. Some of this gas was used in the world’s first helium-filled airship, the U. World War I, production continued. Helium use in the United States in 1965 was more than eight times the peak wartime consumption.

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