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Majority of Brickell skyline as seen from the Rickenbacker Causeway in 2012. By the 1970s, office towers, hotels and apartments began replacing the historic getting started with fl 12 pdf. 2010 population of about 31,000.

Brickell is a dense, high-rise residential neighborhood with many upscale, luxury condominium and apartment towers. Miami restaurants, shops and places of entertainment. 190,000 office employees work in greater Downtown. Miami, booming from 40,000 residents in 2000 to 80,000 in 2010. Brickell is the core of Miami’s banking, investment, and financial sectors. A low lying spot in Brickell floods during exceptionally high tides.

Brickell is home to 31,759 year-round residents. The area of Brickell south of Broadway is mainly low and mid-rise residential buildings west of Brickell Avenue and high-rise residential to the east of Brickell Avenue. Although Brickell has traditionally been known as a financial district, in recent years, construction of numerous condominium and apartment towers in Brickell, has extended the upscale residential neighborhood feel of lower Brickell into upper Brickell. Some the best and most well-known names are leasing space in the project.

The project is designed after a French style village and attracts social gathering and entertainment. Both keys have many public beaches, nature preserves, parks, and various other cultural venues. An aerial of the Brickell area distinctly illustrating the boundaries. Historically, all of Brickell was a wealthy suburb. As the downtown area expanded, the northeastern part of Brickell adopted high density zoning that allowed high rise construction centered around Brickell Avenue, while south of 15th Street zoning remains highly limited with the exception of the very coastline east of Brickell Avenue. The subdivisions of Brickell are recognized by the Downtown Development Authority.

In the 2010s Miami condominium boom that began in 2012, interest in Brickell spilled over into West Brickell, with mid century and prewar buildings being replaced by larger buildings. Brickell was often referred to as the “Brickell Financial District”, or just “Financial District”, during the time of large scale commercial office development, including major banks building headquarters there. Brickell, which has become overtaken by high rise residential buildings, and is hence referred to as simply “Brickell”. As of 2010, the population of Brickell had 27,776 people, with a population density of 37,622 per square mile, making it one of the densest neighborhoods in the United States. In the 2010 US Census, the racial makeup of Brickell was 62.

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