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These sequences of natural numbers can again be represented by single natural numbers, facilitating their manipulation in formal theories of arithmetic. Since the publishing of Gödel’s paper in 1931, the term “Gödel numbering” or “Gödel code” has been used to refer to more general assignments godel escher bach pdf download natural numbers to mathematical objects.

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Gödel noted that statements within a system can be represented by natural numbers. The significance of this was that properties of statements – such as their truth and falsehood – would be equivalent to determining whether their Gödel numbers had certain properties. In simple terms, we devise a method by which every formula or statement that can be formulated in our system gets a unique number, in such a way that we can mechanically convert back and forth between formulas and Gödel numbers. Clearly there are many ways this can be done. Given any statement, the number it is converted to is known as its Gödel number. He first assigned a unique natural number to each basic symbol in the formal language of arithmetic with which he was dealing.

To encode an entire formula, which is a sequence of symbols, Gödel used the following system. Gödel specifically used this scheme at two levels: first, to encode sequences of symbols representing formulas, and second, to encode sequences of formulas representing proofs. This allowed him to show a correspondence between statements about natural numbers and statements about the provability of theorems about natural numbers, the key observation of the proof. A Gödel numbering is not unique, in that for any proof using Gödel numbers, there are infinitely many ways in which these numbers could be defined. This is true for the numbering Gödel used, and for any other numbering where the encoded formula can be arithmetically recovered from its Gödel number.

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