Gym ball exercises for back pain pdf

Learn the best lower back exercises with stability ball to cure and avoid gym ball exercises for back pain pdf pain by strengthening responsible muscles. Lower back pain is a common problem among those who sit a lot, but also among those who do different workouts such as bodybuilding. Unfortunately, I’m among these people.

I sit a lot in front of my computer. Although I do training regularly, I did not spend enough my time on strengthening my lower back. Then, I read an article about why it is vital for everybody to develop lower back muscles. I found some seriously useful workouts with a stability ball, and I have done them for about two months now. I do these exercises 3-4 times a week for about 15 minutes.

My back pain has almost gone. To tell the truth, I was a bit skeptic first. Won’t it be dangerous for my hurting back if I do those exercises? But the answer is: no! There is one particularly important thing, though. Firstly, spend at least 5-10 minutes on warming up your muscles, your back, shoulders, legs, etc. And if you have not done any low back training yet, start with milder exercises.

There is no question that, hyperextension is the most powerful workout to strengthen the lower back. However, there are other exercises, which are efficient. I have an exercise ball which lets me do different sorts of training. This simple equipment is a perfect thing to improve the strength of the lower back. I also use it for my abdominal training.

I think it is a must-have home fitness equipment. Why I like it is that it does not stress my spine, and I can do powerful extensions and exercise ball back stretches. Here, I have collected the best five videos to strengthen the lower back muscles using a stability ball. Follow the suggestions and instructions in the videos, do them at least 3-4 times a week. You will see that your back pain will pass away. You will also feel the advantages when you do other training such as abdominal exercises.

These workouts are suitable for both men and women. The first three videos are for those who have a basic level of fitness. The last two are for beginners and for those who want to reduce low back pain. This one is an alternative for hyperextension using a machine. You need to lay on the ball facing to the ground. You should place your lower body comfortably. As you see, you need to pull yourself up as high as possible.

The higher you go, the more tension there is. Concentrate on your muscles and keep your stability. Do not do it too fast, it is crucial to do it correctly. This is one of my favorites. The exercise itself is similar to the one mentioned before, but because your feet is fixed, we can go higher. It is essential to keep our feet stable. At first you may find hard to get the right position, but it is worth to spend time with testing.