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Find program websites, online videos and more for your favorite PBS shows. Subscribe to our Previews newsletter for a sneak peek at your favorite programs. Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. He spent 21 years in exile after he left France in 1793. French elite and numerous former Napoleonic officials. The elder branch of the House of Bourbon, to which the kings of France belonged, deeply distrusted the intentions of the cadet branch, which would succeed to the throne of France should the senior branch die out.

When Louis Philippe’s grandfather died in 1785, his father succeeded him as Duke of Orléans and Louis Philippe succeeded his father as Duke of Chartres. Louis Philippe grew up in a period that changed Europe as a whole and, following his father’s strong support for the Revolution, he involved himself completely in those changes. In June 1791, Louis Philippe got his first opportunity to become involved in the affairs of France. With war on the horizon in 1791, all proprietary colonels were ordered to join their regiments. Louis Philippe showed himself to be a model officer, and he demonstrated his personal bravery in two famous instances. The young colonel broke through the crowd and extricated the two priests, who then fled.

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