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The Sixty Special designation was reserved for some of Cadillac’s most luxurious vehicles. I was as offered as a four door sedan and briefly as a four door hardtop. 1939 Cadillac Series 60 Special fr. Sixty Special was added between Cadillac’s lowest-priced line of cars, the “Series 60”, and the “Senior” large-bodied Cadillacs. Although all first-generation 60 Specials were built at the Fleetwood Plant, the 60 Special was marketed as a Fisher Body car in 1938 and 1939.

Contrary to what was then the trend in luxury automobiles, the new Sixty Special was intended as an owner-driven car, rather than a chauffeur-driven one. It was built on a 127. This not only gave the new Cadillac the stiffest chassis on the market, but it was also 3 inches lower than other Cadillacs – with no sacrifice in headroom. The disappearance of running boards along the side and its lack of belt-line trim made the sleek car appear even lower. More important, it allowed shoulder and hip room to increase by over 5 inches without an increase in overall width.

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