Interacting electrons theory and computational approaches pdf

Ensemble methods for excited states are based on the ensemble variation principle and in their simplest formulations can be either based on the wavefunction or the electron density. DFT in cases where TD-DFT is not sufficiently accurate. The failures of TD-DFT most prominently include the poor description of conical intersections and excitations of multiple character, i. To deal with such issues, quite recently a interacting electrons theory and computational approaches pdf of multiconfiguration ensemble methods have been designed that combine a wavefunction-based formulation with ensemble density functional theory.

This chapter discusses the merits and shortcomings of such approaches. It also attempts to elucidate some of the essential problems associated with the ensemble DFT methods and their variants to the computational chemistry community. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Computational efficiency of QMC enhanced by DFT. Numerical accuracy of DFT enhanced by QMC. N-dimensional wavefunction of ground state.

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