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During his jack and dave john simpson pdf career, he was originally going to study to become a veterinarian. Lambert played quarterback at Crestwood HS before switching to defensive end at Kent State.

204 pounds as a rookie. Double-Rotating Zone” defense where safeties played back in a two-deep zone and the corner-backs played in two shallow zones or in bump-and-run coverage, instead of having the middle linebacker close to the line in run support, had the middle linebacker drop back into a middle zone to cover the seam between the safeties. Lambert’s size, speed, and talents facilitated the new role. Lambert prided himself on his ability to hit hard and intimidate the opposition. He was the Steelers starting middle linebacker for eleven seasons and, according to Steelers media guides, averaged 146 tackles per season through his 10th year. He recorded only 19 in his 11th and final season because of a toe injury.

In a nine-year span, Jack Lambert was named to nine straight Pro Bowls and was NFL Defensive Player of the Year once. Lambert’s toothless snarl became an iconic image of the famous Steeler defense. At a “players only” meeting, Lambert made it clear that “the only way we are going to the playoffs to defend our title is to win them all from here out. In a remarkable nine-game span, the Steelers defense allowed only two touchdowns and a total of 28 points, including five shutouts. The defense gave up only a record low 138 points for the entire season.

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