Lucan civil war fox pdf

This article is about the lucan civil war fox pdf. Caesar decisively defeated Pompey in this battle, which occupies all of the epic’s seventh book.

Lucan among the world’s great epic poets”, notes that the work is notable for Lucan’s decision to eschew divine intervention and downplay supernatural occurrences in the events of the story. Lucan had a bitter falling out. After a brief introduction lamenting the idea of Romans fighting Romans and an ostensibly flattering dedication to Nero, the narrative summarizes background material leading up to the present war and introduces Caesar in northern Italy. Despite an urgent plea from the Spirit of Rome to lay down his arms, Caesar crosses the Rubicon, rallies his troops and marches south to Rome, joined by Curio along the way. The book closes with panic in the city, terrible portents and visions of the disaster to come.

Caesar continues south through Italy and is delayed by Domitius’ brave resistance. As his ships sail, Pompey is visited in a dream by Julia, his dead wife and Caesar’s daughter. Caesar returns to Rome and plunders the city, while Pompey reviews potential foreign allies. The city ultimately falls in a bloody naval battle.