Maintenance planning and scheduling handbook 3 e pdf

Build an integrated optimization model through describing PMTSs as virtual trains. Propose a Lagrangian relaxation solution framework to solve the proposed model. In order to provide an easy decomposition mechanism, the limited capacity of complex tracks is modelled as side maintenance planning and scheduling handbook 3 e pdf and a PMTS is modelled as a virtual train.

A Lagrangian relaxation solution framework is proposed, in which the difficult track capacity constraints are relaxed, to decompose the original complex integrated train scheduling and PMTSs planning problem into a sequence of single train-based sub-problems. For each sub-problem, a standard label correcting algorithm is employed for finding the time-dependent least cost path on a time-space network. The resulting dual solutions can be transformed to feasible solutions through priority rules. Numerical experiments are conducted on a small artificial network and a real-world network adapted from a Chinese railway network, to evaluate the effectiveness and computational efficiency of the integrated optimization model and the proposed Lagrangian relaxation solution framework. The benefits of simultaneously scheduling trains and planning PMTSs are demonstrated, compared with a commonly-used sequential scheduling method. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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2017 Published by Elsevier Ltd. It has now become important for the companies to adopt best practices in maintenance domain along with other industrial discipline to not only improve their competitive position but also, to ensure sustainable and productive operation of resources. In order to make rapid improvements, companies should examine their maintenance practices from external perspective. For this reason, philosophy of benchmarking is used which is continuously measuring and comparing business processes in search of best practices which when adopted may lead to better performance. This article presents a benchmarking study of maintenance practices carried out within the automotive industries of Pakistan.

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