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As with the gliders, the pilot flew lying on his stomach on the lower wing with his head toward the front of the craft in an effort to reduce drag. He steered by moving a cradle attached to his hips. The Flyer was conceived as a control-canard, as the Wrights were more concerned with control than stability. However, it was found to be so highly unstable that it was barely controllable. Following the first flight, ballast was added to the nose to move the center of gravity forward and reduce pitch instability.

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However the basics of pitch stability of the canard configuration were not understood by the Wright Brothers. Culick stated, “The backward state of the general theory and understanding of flight mechanics hindered them Indeed, the most serious gap in their knowledge was probably the basic reason for their unwitting mistake in selecting their canard configuration”. 1902 Glider from the previous season. On December 14, 1903, they felt ready for their first attempt at powered flight. The brothers tossed a coin to decide who would get the first chance at piloting, and Wilbur won. The airplane left the rail, but Wilbur pulled up too sharply, stalled, and came down in about three seconds with minor damage. Repairs after the abortive first flight took three days.

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