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Responding to regional and international competition, many manufacturing companies have adopted MRP systems to improve their manufacturing operations. Of primary interest to managers and users of MRP is the benefits that can be derived from using the MRP technology. While the literature abounds with MRP implementation studies, there is a dearth of research that examines the determinants of specific MRP benefits. Knowledge of the determinants would enable MRP managers and users to concentrate on key areas to achieve material requirement planning example pdf that match their company goals.

This paper identifies the organisational, implementational, and technological variables that affect specific MRP benefits as reported by Singapore manufacturing companies in the most extensive MRP survey ever conducted in Singapore. Our findings offer several novel and valuable insights into the MRP benefit-determinant relationship. The major finding is that determinant variables such as data accuracy, people support, degree of integration, and company size affect benefits in a nonlinear fashion. Data accuracy was found to be critical in affecting operational efficiency, customer service, and interdepartmental coordination benefits. Another finding suggests that when people support and data accuracy degenerate to a critical level, users might still derive increased benefits by resorting to secondary sources to accomplish their work.

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Users should strive for a high degree of integration to achieve full operational efficiency and coordination benefits. Partial integration does not appear to provide significant improvements. We also found that increasing company size has a positive, followed by a negative impact on operational efficiency. Lastly, our findings suggest that the pattern of technical complaints can be an indicator of system usage and interdepartmental coordination. Our findings have important implications for managers and users of MRP. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 1995 Published by Elsevier B.

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