Mississippi laws and statues pdf

Map of the United States mississippi laws and statues pdf Mississippi highlighted. United States of America, on January 9, 1861.

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Mississippi politician and operated a large slave cotton plantation there. The slavery controversy in the United States presents a case of the most violent antagonism of interests and opinions. Mississippi declared its secession from the United States on January 9, 1861, two months after the Republican Party’s victory in the U. Fulton Anderson, a Mississippian lawyer, delivered a speech to the Virginian secession convention in 1861, in which he declared that “grievances of the Southern people on the slavery question” and their opposition to the Republican Party’s goal of “the ultimate extinction of slavery” were the primary catalysts of the state in declaring secession. The first act of the black republican party will be to exclude slavery from all the territories, from the District of Columbia, the arsenals and the forts, by the action of the general government. That would be a recognition that slavery is a sin, and confine the institution to its present limits.

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