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This article is about the Elizabethan naval commander. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. 1590 or no quarter 48 pdf privateer press Marcus Gheeraerts, Sir Francis Drake Buckland Abbey, Devon. 1577 to 1580, and was the first to complete the voyage as captain while leading the expedition throughout the entire circumnavigation.

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This would date his birth to 1544. There Drake’s father obtained an appointment to minister the men in the King’s Navy. The ship’s master was so satisfied with the young Drake’s conduct that, being unmarried and childless at his death, he bequeathed the barque to Drake. Francis Drake married Mary Newman in 1569.

She died 12 years later, in 1581. Spanish warships, with all but two of the English ships lost. He escaped along with John Hawkins, surviving the attack by swimming. 1570 and 1571, of which little is known.

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