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This review aims to demonstrate the utility of integrating the nova viking unearthed pdf pdf of evolutionary psychology with sport and exercise psychology. Specifically, we offer a primer on evolutionary psychology that we then discuss in the context of several research avenues in sport and exercise. Next, we discuss how evolutionary psychology can inform our understanding of sporting culture.

Theory and research are selectively reviewed in efforts to demonstrate the utility and limits of evolutionary psychology as an approach to sport and exercise psychology. Unlike specific fields of psychology, evolutionary psychology is a metatheoretical approach that can foster mutually productive linkages between currently disparate areas within sport and exercise psychology, and with neighboring disciplines. The mind consists of adaptations that evolved to solve specific adaptive problems. To understand how the mind works it helps to understand why its components evolved. Integrating proximate and ultimate explanations aids sport and exercise psychology.

Evolutionary psychology informs our understanding of sporting culture. An evolutionary approach facilitates novel insights of sport and physical activity. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. This article is about the historical city. Mediterranean during the first millennium BC.

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