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How do I deploy PDF Architect to a large number of machines? Create PDF files from nearly every pdf architect license key free. Wie rolle ich PDF Architect auf eine größere Anzahl von Computern aus?

In this document, we describe the deployment process of PDF Architect 3. PDF Architect 3 is a modular PDF solution. An administrator can deploy the application as predefined set of modules gathered into packages. The modules for future deployment should be selected in accordance with the package license key you obtained.

The standard package contains startup, create, edit,convert and insert modules. The Pro packet contains all modules except for OCR. Creates a shortcut for the application on the desktop. Sets the application as the default application to open . The APPLICATION_LANGUAGE parameter is set by assigning language in accordance with the required language.

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Please note that the PDF Architect 3 Startup package is the only package that accepts the properties listed above. Rest of packages relies on it. All the featured described above can be used along with PDF Architect 3 properties. MST file allows incorporating all the installation properties into single file so you don’t need to put them into command line directly.

If you prefer to set up the properties through command line you can skip this chapter. All the settings make sense for this package only. Edit the rest of properties to make the transform, which meets your requirements. In the picture an automatic updates have been turned on and an application language has been set to English. From the Transform menu select Generate Transform and save the transform to file.