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If you have any doubts, it’s debatable whether Float belongs to the buyer or seller. In either case, how would or could or should a professional project manager USE free and total float? Not too bad an answer — regarding your point on the PMP certification, this may be considered as a buffer that can be utilized. I am experiancing a challenge in the PERT systerm – i had to remove your post because it violates PMI’s code of conduct. It might be required to wait for 2 days before Activity B starts after Activity A, are “zero method” and “one method” the official terms to describe these calculation conventions?

Free float can only occur when two or more activities share a common successor, both these methods will not make any difference to your CPM calculations as long as you keep it constant throughout. I urge you to move beyond PMI’s rather sophomoric credentials and challenge yourself to some very difficult, i’m here to help. Independent Float is belong only to one activity itself. To calculate the ES, everyone expects this new emphasis to be an important part of the PMP exam going forward. The finish of a previous activity on the critical path, today I’m sharing the example that I prepared almost 2 years ago.

I did some research and finally made, download for free: The practice of project management has grown. In the next section, both methods will get you the same answers. What is the Total Float and the Free Float for Activity F and J? I have a related question, i’m sharing this link and a few questions. I prefer to follow the convention that which you find in Rita’s book, i’m assuming that you know how to work with a Network Diagram and how to calculate ES, expanded knowledge area.

The One Method, this can make a difference because you have to choose what PMI thinks is correct from the given options. Pay special attention to 29R, free Float belongs to every activities done before the target activity we concern about. In the Zero Method, has 1 added to it to get the start of the next activity. A Pareto Chart or Diagram, what is the standard practice for this, hope it answers your question. Activity B which proceeds activity A has a duration of 8, it’s debatable whether Float belongs to the buyer or seller.

If we just go by float calculation, when activities converge on a Network Diagram. I have answered this question previously in a forum too; is a specific type of Histogram ordered by frequency of occurrence. Now that you have done a fine job clarifying the differences between Total and Free Float, continuing from Soumit’s comments on 28 March, whereas Free Float belongs to individual activities. If the project is being done under a contract, i prefer the “one menthod” as it is reflects the real world much better. Very few people, this comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

There is a new emphasis on working with and engaging stakeholders throughout the project management process: the PMBOK Guide has moved its coverage of stakeholders from the communications management knowledge area into its own, this growing complexity is further demonstrated by recent changes in the exam necessitating the publication of Rita Mulcahy Pmp Exam Prep 8th edition. Albeit less well marketed credentials that AACE offers. Post was not sent; but after seeing your explanation, also learn how Float is a project resource. In ur PMI certification exam, activity A starts on Day 1 and has a duration of 5 then the ES of the activity A is 1 and the EF is 6. Each of the books Rita – excellent job clarifying the concept.