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Frequent headaches can affect relationships and employment. There is also an increased risk of depression in those with severe headaches. Headaches can occur as a result of many conditions whether serious or not. Quark export to pdf blurry are a number of different classification systems for headaches.

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Causes of headaches may include fatigue, sleep deprivation, stress, the effects of medications, the effects of recreational drugs, viral infections, loud noises, common colds, head injury, rapid ingestion of a very cold food or beverage, and dental or sinus issues. A headache is one of the most commonly experienced of all physical discomforts. About half of adults have a headache in a given year. Tension headaches are the most common, affecting about 1. There are more than two hundred types of headaches. Headaches are broadly classified as “primary” or “secondary”.

Primary headaches are benign, recurrent headaches not caused by underlying disease or structural problems. While primary headaches may cause significant daily pain and disability, they are not dangerous. Secondary headaches can be harmless or dangerous. Certain “red flags” or warning signs indicate a secondary headache may be dangerous. Primary headaches usually first start when people are between 20 and 40 years old. The most common types of primary headaches are migraines and tension-type headaches.

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Tension-type headaches usually present with non-pulsing “bandlike” pressure on both sides of the head, not accompanied by other symptoms. Cluster headaches can be treated with triptans and prevented with prednisone, ergotamine or lithium. Hemicrania continua can be relieved by the medication indomethacin. 5 minutes to 24 hours. The mechanism behind these headaches is unclear, possibly due to straining causing veins in the head to dilate, causing pain. These headaches are thought to be due to lower pressure in the head during sex. It is important to realize that headaches that begin during orgasm may be due to a subarachnoid hemorrhage, so serious causes must be ruled out first.

These headaches are treated by advising the person to stop sex if they develop a headache. The headache may recur several times during night. Hypnic headaches are usually in older women. Headaches may be caused by problems elsewhere in the head or neck. Often, the person will have nausea and vomiting for weeks before the headache starts. On physical exam, the person will have a red eye and a fixed, mid dilated pupil. The treatment of the gastrointestinal disorders may lead to a remission or improvement of headaches.

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