Regular and irregular preterite of spanish verbs test pdf

Changes regular and irregular preterite of spanish verbs test pdf spelling of regular forms. Past simple: Fill in the missing forms.

Find the past tense in the word chain. Past simple and past participle: Complete sentences with words in brackets. Past simple and past participle: Fill in the missing forms. The list of the most common verbs used in everyday English. The more complete list which is longer than the first one. You can download all three regular and irregular verbs lists for free.

I started, you started, he started, we played, they played. If it ends in a consonant and -y, we change -y into -i. If the regular verb has only one syllable and ends in a single vowel and a consonant, we double the consonant to keep the same pronunciation. I have started, you had started, he will have started, it was started. High quality printable irrgular verbs worksheets for use in school or at home.

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