Savage worlds printable adventure deck pdf

savage worlds printable adventure deck pdf as the canonical starting point. Western setting with the horrific and fantastical elements of the game. The history of the Weird West is identical to real-world history, up until July 3, 1863.

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Raven,” performed a ritual in an effort to drive out the European settlers. The events surrounding and immediately subsequent to Raven’s ritual is known as “The Reckoning. The Reckoners feed on negative emotions, particularly fear. Sufficient levels of fear in the population of a given location allow the Reckoners to begin subtly altering the environment of that location: the sun shines a little less brightly, trees become stunted and “evil” looking, rock formations take on the appearance of corpses or monsters, and so on. The more powerful the fear, the greater the environmental changes. However, the Reckoners cannot directly enter Earth’s realm unless the overall fear level of the entire planet becomes sufficiently high.

To this end, they use their powers to create monsters, madmen, zombies, and other creatures and villains that will sow fear and terror throughout the land. Indian spirits, strange cults, and deadly creatures have begun terrorizing the world. Reckoners, and the country remains divided into U. Seismic upheavals have pushed much of California into the ocean, creating a badlands area known as “the Great Maze. In the Great Maze, miners discover “ghost rock,” a mineral that burns hotter and longer than coal and is used as the basis for most Deadlands technology as well as alchemical potions and semi-magical materials.

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