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Shortridge High School Indianapolis Aug 2016. 2018, will also house short stories for high school pdf system’s magnet program for the arts and humanities.

America with great public schools. I thought we should be the envy of the world with our public schools. And I went to such a public school. So I knew that such a school was possible. And, my God, we had a daily paper, we had a debating team, had a fencing team.

We had a chorus, a jazz band, a serious orchestra. And all this with a Great Depression going on. And I wanted everybody to have such a school. 1864, as the state of Indiana’s first free public high school. However, he was also innovative in many ways, including the hiring of female teachers and the admission of African-American students.

By 1878, Shortridge High School served 502 students. Selridge Pottery”, designed by students. She remained at the school until her death in 1924. Although minority students attended Shortridge from its opening, the majority of Shortridge High School students were white. Shortridge High as one of the top 38 high schools in the United States. Due to the changing racial makeup of the neighborhoods that fed Shortridge, some parents on the school’s Parent-Teacher Association supported redrawing the Shortridge district to find a more even racial balance. By 1964, some felt that the school had reached a crisis.

A protest march that fall from the school to Indianapolis Public Schools offices was supported by 200 students. In 1965, the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners turned Shortridge into an all-academic high school. 67 school year, an entrance examination was required for enrollment. Though efforts were made over the next four years to increase enrollment, they were not effective.

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