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Please forward this error screen to 67. We examine men’s use of positive strategies to prevent and manage depression. Men’s favoured strategies sleep smarter 21 essential strategies pdf not differ according to experiences with depression.

Men used different positive strategies, depending on mood or problem severity. Men emphasise routine, having a plan and talking about problems. Previous research has focused on men’s reluctance to seek help and use of unhelpful coping strategies. Thematic analysis was used on transcripts from 21 focus groups and 24 in-depth interviews focused on positive strategies men use to prevent and manage depression. Men specifically advised others to talk about problems.

The majority of the men were aged over 55 years and highly educated. Younger men or those without tertiary education may favour different strategies. In contrast to using only unhelpful strategies, the men used a broad range of positive strategies and adapted their use depending on mood, symptom or problem severity. Use of positive strategies was sophisticated, nuanced, and often underlined by a guiding philosophy. Rather than simply reacting to problems, men actively engaged in preventing the development of depressed moods, and made conscious choices about when or how to take action.

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