Social problems john macionis 5th edition pdf

The purpose of this research is to understand the meaning of social entrepreneurship and socio-entrepreneurship. Using the literature source of books and scientific articles, the data is collected through a literature review then analyzed with the technique social problems john macionis 5th edition pdf content analysis.

It develops a strategy which divides economic and social aspects in delivering its activities of business. The performance of social entrepreneurship is measured economically as it applies the resource utilization exploitatively and desire-based. On the other hand, socio-entrepreneurship started from the economic system of Europe. It has its main orientation to process and behavior, putting its effort to create social improvement. Integrating the economic and social aspects, socio- entrepreneurship oversees the effort to contribute to the social process, since social improvement is not-measurable. It applies the resource utilization in a need basis standpoint. This research yet examines the other aspects which figure society such as political, cultural and religion aspects.

For this state, Indonesia, it is recommended that the forthcoming research needs to study those aspects as well then the perspective of entrepreneurship can be enriched. The fact this research is on the conceptual context, it is also suggested to employ an empirical approach to verify this concept to daily-life context using inferential statistic. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of The 5th Indonesia International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business. Email us even your request is not listed below and don’t give up we have the chance to get it.

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