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QUISTGAARD Harold Ivar de R. SALAZAR y MENDOZA Josè F. You can leave them on the new American Galleries. Both comments the bird doug wilson jonathan yardley washington post pdf pings are currently closed.

Karl Witkowski also used signature K. Wykowsky on some of his art work ? I don’t think so but I can’t say for sure. I own his litho with this signature! Also often I see wrong info about life of this great artist. At that time Poland was divided between Prussia, Russia and Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This does not mean, everybody born those years in Poland is German, Russian or Austrian. Austrian Army, where hi was in years 1879-1880. On beginning he made several portraits including bishop of Brooklyn. Later Karol Witkowski paint pictures of young children with pets. From 1909 he starts getting official copyrights. 1910 at age only 50. What’s happen to him that he died at age of 50?

Something else happened to him? I know I am boring. But I believe this artist is worth to find all about him. What town he has been born in Poland? Austria archives for their army may have this information. Thank you very much for your extensive information and passionate search.

I hope someone can bring more light on this artist’s life. Karl’s paintings on Wikipedia Commons. I linked your article at the bottom of the post. I think it is great idea. Please keep in mind, wikipedia is a web everybody can write in. Most of the files are for edits. So if in Karl’s article you find something wrong or you get some more interesting information about this great Polish-American artist please feel free to edit, it is very easy.