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Related translations include “land” or “town”, with subsequent terminologies meaning “cluster of dwellings” or “collection of huts”. Prior to archeological confirmation that the St. Lawrence Iroquois were a separate people from the Mohawk, most sources specifically linked the name’s origin to the Mohawk word instead of the Laurentian one. Cartier’s landing at Hochelaga the immigration reader america in a multidisciplinary perspective pdf scripted as having Cartier believe that “Kanata” or “Canada” was the established name of the entire country.

Neither region is located anywhere near Iroquoian territory, and the name “Canada” does not appear on any Spanish or Portuguese maps of the North American coast that predate Cartier’s visit. Iberian-Iroquoian interaction has ever actually been found. Elliott’s “valley” theory, conversely, was that the Spanish gave their name for the area directly to Cartier, who then entirely ignored or passed over the virtually identical Iroquoian word. Spanish etymology had to be favoured because the spellings matched. Cartier’s own writing on the matter was also true of his own preferred theory. Few academics subscribe to the Iberian origin theory today, although some Spanish or Portuguese historians continue to support it over an Iroquoian root.

No historian or linguist has ever analyzed this explanation as anything more than an obvious joke. Canadien” or “Canadian” used to refer exclusively to the aboriginal groups who were native to the territory. By the mid 1500s, European books and maps began referring to this region as Canada. The terms “Canada” and “New France” were often used interchangeably during the colonial period. Canada” was used officially, in the British regime.

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Some reports from the 1840s suggest that in that era, the word “Canada” was commonly pronounced “Kaugh-na-daugh” rather than its more contemporary pronunciation. The former colonies were then known as Canada East and Canada West, and a single legislature was established with equal representation from each. Underpopulated Canada West opposed demands by Canada East for representation by population, but the roles reversed as Canada West’s population surpassed the east’s. The single colony remained governed in this way until 1 July 1867, often with coalition governments.

February 1867, and it was unanimously accepted by the other delegates. London argued that the new nation should be called ‘Northland’ or ‘Anglia’ instead of Canada. Now I would ask any honourable member of the House how he would feel if he woke up some fine morning and found himself, instead of a Canadian, a Tuponian or a Hochelegander? The word ‘Parliament’ shall mean the Legislature or Parliament of the Kingdom of Canada. The word ‘Kingdom’ shall mean and comprehend the United Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.