User acceptance testing a step by step guide pdf

The test environment is usually designed to be identical, or as close as possible, to the anticipated production environment. UAT and OAT test cases are ideally derived in collaboration with business customers, business analysts, user acceptance testing a step by step guide pdf, and developers. It’s essential that these tests include both business logic tests as well as operational environment conditions.

As the test conditions successfully achieve their acceptance criteria, the stakeholders are reassured the development is progressing in the right direction. The acceptance test suite may need to be performed multiple times, as all of the test cases may not be executed within a single test iteration. The acceptance test suite is run using predefined acceptance test procedures to direct the testers which data to use, the step-by-step processes to follow and the expected result following execution. The actual results are retained for comparison with the expected results. If the actual results match the expected results for each test case, the test case is said to pass.

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