World regions in global context 6th edition pdf

U-mining recently increased following nuclear expansion projects worldwide. Much is focused on Africa due to swift environmental approvals and world regions in global context 6th edition pdf profits. Exceptionally large mine waste volumes threaten scarce water resources and health.

Lessons on legacy costs of U-mining in developed countries need to be heeded. Short-term mining benefits should be balanced with long-term environmental risks. In 2003, nuclear power received renewed interest as a perceived climate-neutral way to meet high energy demands of large industrialized countries, such as China, India, Russia and the USA. Dubbed the ‘nuclear renaissance’, the U-price rose over tenfold before the global credit crisis dampend the rush.

Many efforts to capitalise on the renewed demand focused on Africa. This paper provides an overview on the type and extent of uranium mining, production and exploration on the African continent and discusses the economic benefits as well as the potential environmental and health risks and the long-term needs for remediation of legacy sites. The actual historical results of uranium mining activities in more than thirty African countries provide data against which to assess the existing risks of uranium development. The already existing uraniferous waste in several African countries threatens scarce water resources and the health of adjacent residents. Responsibility should rest with the governments and the companies to ensure that these threats are not realized. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. This is a good article.

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