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His father was an oil field you are special by max lucado pdf, while his mother served as a nurse. Initially he wished to become a lawyer, but has said that a required Bible course at the university and a mission trip made him change his mind, deciding instead to become a missionary. Lucado graduated from Abilene Christian University with a master’s degree in Bible and Biblical Studies. His responsibilities initially included overseeing a singles’ group and writing a column for the church’s newsletter.

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After five years in Brazil, he brought his family back to the United States to be closer to his mother. Unlike the typical Churches of Christ, Oak Hills began using musical instruments in worship services and held the belief that baptism isn’t required for salvation. Lucado no longer affiliates himself with the Churches of Christ. Under Lucado’s ministry, Oak Hills dropped the “Church of Christ” affiliation from its name in 2003, calling itself simply “Oak Hills Church.

Critics have described Lucado as having “extreme views on gay rights”. A marriage between a daddy and a daughter or a woman and giraffe? Don’t underestimate the evil bent of the human heart. He has affirmed that gay men and women will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Best Preacher in America.

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